Welcome to Raddog Ranch

Raddog Ranch was founded in 2018 as a Yak Meat Producer throughout Colorado. The business was formed with the mission of offering local markets the greenest and healthiest red meat on the planet. As the herd grew, so did our need for land and feed. Over our four years in the industry, Colorado has seen a “mega drought” making it very hard for small producers to survive and for ranches to maintain viability.

In 2021 we made the move to Greensboro, Vermont. Our intent was to build an all-inclusive agribusiness yak ranch. We intend to showcase our specialty yak breed and allow people to come to enjoy the ranch and the animals for all types of special occasions. 

In Vermont

Raddog Ranch is still a working ranch with 160 acres, 50 of which are fenced pasture. But we have learned and understand that in order to make a living in agriculture these days, we need to offer a multifaceted ranch operation that includes overnight rentals and events.  

Our Ranch

Our ranch is uniquely designed with a large manor type home, mother-in-law suite, caretaker unit, teepees, and even Wynonna Judds’ tour bus as accommodations for overnight stays. Additionally, we have numerous trails, ponds and our herd of Yaks to enjoy while visiting. 

Where Western flair meets East Coast elegance.